Welcome to CakePunks! The newest and most highly anticipated NFT project ever to hit the Binance Smart Chain.

Inspired by the design of everyone’s favourite BSC mascot, the team at CakePunks have created a medley of over 1000 NFT’s for you to buy, trade and sell within our proprietary Dapp!

CakePunks can be purchased via our DApp with $BNB, along with a limited edition set of 100 to be purchased with $CPUNKS. But that’s not all, when you’re not using your $CPUNKS to buy NFT’s they’ll be earning you $CAKE! This double utility idea has never been seen before in either the NFT or the BSC space!

Welcome to something completely different!

NFT’s are hyped right now, but where will they be in 5 years? 10 years? 100 years? We believe that these early NFT’s will be the masterpieces of the future, we want to build our CakePunks into the Mona Lisa’s of the future by creating 1000 completely unique designs! Some are inspired by cultural icons, some are inspired by places we’ve been, some have been made purely based on the fact that they look fucking cool. You’re guaranteed to be pleased with what you mint, our in depth quality assurance checks performed pre launch ensured that every single CakePunk was 100% verified as awesome.

The NFT’s will be randomly minted and will fall into a category between common to legendary.

We’ve created a custom DApp to allow for the buying, selling and trading of CakePunks, we intend for this DApp to be the home of all things related to the CakePunk eco system!

The 2nd Edition Cakepunk NFT’s that are minted will be purchased at the price of 2 BNB. Our $CPUNKS token allows you to buy special edition, EXTRA rare NFT’s!

Sound good? Let’s go.

People buy NFT’s for a massive variety of reasons, some buy them to own a part of history, some buy them to sell on and some people buy NFT’s because they want to be a part of a movement. Regardless of your motivation for buying CakePunks, we guarantee you’ll be pleased with what you mint. The NFT’s looking GOOD is at the forefront of every single one of our artist’s minds throughout the creation process.

Our governance token, $CPUNKS is another important aspect or our revolutionary ecosystem. Following the minting of our initial 250 NFT’s we’ll be releasing some special editions on our marketplace which can ONLY be bought with $CPUNKS! You’ll also earn $CAKE just for holding $CPUNKS in your wallet! Want to buy cool shit? Want to make passive income? Cakepunks has your back.

The team are a collective of 9 individuals who are utilising their skills learned in various industries to bring something completely new to DeFi. We’ve got artists, marketers, web designers and a plethora of other specialists from multiple backgrounds who are veterans of DeFi and forever seeking to breathe fresh air into DeFi!

As a collective, we are the CakePunks team and we have vowed to give this project our absolute best, we have spent hours ensuring that every minute detail is perfect, down to the last pixel!

This is where things get really, really exciting! No-one can deny that the Ethereum was built with NFT’s in mind, Binance Smart Chain?

Not so much...

Whilst we were creating our DApp we were astounded by how simple, clean and effective it was. We came to the conclusion that it would be unfair to keep the DApp for nothing but CakePunks, instead we are endeavouring to grow the CakePunks custom DApp into a one stop marketplace for everything NFT related on the Binance Smart Chain!

We believe that the only thing the Binance Smart Chain is missing for it to be perfect for NFT’s is a platform, Ethereum has OpenSea, a one stop shop for trading, buying and selling NFT’s, with our DApp we plan to implement auctions, uploads, trading and selling of ANY NFT on the Binance Smart Chain!

The Binance Smart Chain has low gas fees, suffers less congestion and is much easier to use than the Ethereum network, we want to spearhead a campaign to bring NFT’s to BSC! We want CakePunks to be synonymous with BSC the way CryptoPunks is to ETH and with our team, drive and work ethic, it’s a matter of when, not if.

Our mission is to bring something new, fun and functional to the Binance Smart Chain, everyone must be aware of the insane amount of scams, honeypots and rug pulls that get launched every hour on BSC, we’re here to return some credibility to the Smart Chain in the form of CakePunks!

Alongside our mission to ensure that we deliver a safe and reputable project on the Binance Smart Chain, we also aim to open everyone’s eye to how well suited the network can be for NFT’s. Ethereum has been very much in the spotlight for NFT’s for the last few years and we believe that the space is big enough for everyone, with lower gas fees, faster transactions and a HUGE user base, we believe that a well made NFT project launched on the smart chain will start a new trend of low gas NFT’s, paid for in BNB!

9% Total Transaction Tax

Rewards To Holders: 3%
Liquidity Pool: 3%
Marketing Wallet: 3%

Initial Supply:


(one hundred billion)

Token Distribution

Developer Wallet: 3%
Marketing & Promotion Wallet: 2%
Liquidity: 95%


Liquidity Pool: 70%
Developer: 20%
Marketing 10%

(Liquidity will initially be locked for 6 months. Then relocked once the timer hits 0.)

Our initial phase will revolve around nailing the basics, this includes the likes of creating and signing off on our website and DApp as well as the designing of our initial 1000 CakePunks. We will focus primarily on organic growth through word of mouth for phase 1 as we build our dedicated community.

The minting begins! We’ve been looking forward to this moment since the idea of CakePunks first came to mind many months ago, our first 250 NFT’s will be purchased in BNB. Following the minting of the first 250 we’ll deploy our governance token, $CPUNKS - this will be the currency of the CakePunks eco system. Not only will it allow you to buy special edition $CPUNKS, it will reward you $CAKE! We love multi utility here and this is a perfect way to utilise a token that would ordinarily just be sitting in your wallet!

The DApp expansion! We will begin to expand our DApp so it is home to a plethora of different NFT’s! We aim for the CakePunks DApp to be the OpenSea of Binance Smart Chain, throughout phase 3 of our roadmap we aim to see this come into fruition!

Phase 3 will also include the release of another 1000 CakePunk NFT’s and a HUGE marketing campaign to make sure that the term ‘CakePunks’ is synonymous with the Binance Smart Chain!

Why buy an NFT?

Not only do you get to own something completely unique, exciting and innovative but you also get whitelisted for the purchasing of our governance token, $CPUNKS! 

What does the governance token do?

The governance token allows for the purchase of special, super rare NFT’s that are not avaiable anywhere else but the marketplace! The token also earns you $CAKE passively.

Where can I buy an NFT?

You can buy a CakePunk NFT on our DApp over at app.cakepunks.finance

Where do I view my NFT?

You can view your NFT on our DApp as well as in your wallet on BSCscan!

How much does it cost to mint?

Minting costs 2 BNB

We would like to extend a special shoutout to our CakePunk army for believing in this project and allowing us to get the ball rolling on something that is truly game changing in the DeFi space. We couldn’t do it without you guys which is why we put our investors at the forefront of every single thing that we do here.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.